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Cat and Dog

Pet Sitting Services & Rates

Pet Sitting

Woof, Meow, Hurray! I get to Stay!

Visiting your pets in the comfort of their home. Includes feeding, walking, playing, brushing, scooping litter boxes, watering plants and retrieving mail. All visits are modified to meet our client's needs. (Includes up to 2 animals, additional $5 per additional animal) Initial meet and greet consultations are FREE! (30min)

$38-$58 Per Visit

30-45 min Visits

Overnight Care + Midday Visit

Overnight Care + Midday Visit

Pet sitter sleeps in your home (arrives at 8:00pm and departs at 7:00am). Includes one mid day visit between 12pm and 1pm. Feeding, walking, playing, brushing, scooping litter boxes, watering plants and retrieving mail are just some of the duties performed while your away. This is great for the pets who love all night snuggles and late night potty breaks. (Includes up to 3 pets, each additional pet is $10) Initial meet and greet consultations are FREE!


24 Hour Care

24 hour extended stay is a great way to ensure your pet is cared for around the clock. This is especially best for senior animals and pets with disabilities. Medication administration is included with every 24 hour stay. Includes up to 3 pets. each additinal pet is $10 per 24hr stay. (Pet Sitter is allowed 2 hours leave per 24hr stay) Initial meet and greet consultations are FREE!

$350 Per 24hr Stay

Pet Transportation

Sometimes we as owners cant always be there to take our pets to their vet appointments or in emergency cases. Whether you're working, or away on vacation, we've got all your appointments covered! Our certified vet techs can easily discuss all your animals needs with your veterinarian and translate it back to you, so you thoroughly understand every step being taken to ensure the well-being of your loved one. (All pricing will depend on location, time, and mileage driven)
$35 & Up

Dog Walking

Sometimes as owners we have to work long hours at the office and can't get our furr kids out on walks as often as we would like. No worries, we have you covered! We provide a wide range of walks and excursions that meet all your four-legged pups needs. Good smells and squirrel sightings are sure to put an extra wag in their tail! (Includes up to 2 pets, each additional pet is $10) Daily, Weekley, and Monthly Packages available.

$32 (30min Walk)

$42 (45min Walk)


Dogs love adventure!  

If you have a dog that just loves being in the brisk mountain air, or maybe enjoys a dip in a nearby stream?  We offer hike excursions that will get all those wiggles out and leave your pup pooped by the end of the day! 

*For safety reasons outings are limited to 2 dogs per excursion

*Dogs must be kept on leash for duration of excursion

*Recommended dogs be vaccinated for Rabies, DHPP, Leptospirosis & Bordetella


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